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Pegani & CSR


At Pegani we wish to have happy customers and a good collaboration with our suppliers. We aim to be fair, enact positive change and take societal responsibility - locally, as well as globally. We aim to foster a work environment that is open, equal, and guided by humane values and social responsibility. We are actively working to reduce our footprint on the planet by taking steps to push the boundaries of just how low-carbon intensive and sustainable an e-commerce business can actually become.

We make no claims to be perfect, there is always plenty of room for improvement. However, we have taken important steps to start this worthwhile journey and will continue to work with our CSR policy and act with faith and transparency towards accomplishing our related initiatives, plans and goals.


  1. When selling from our shop as well as on conventions we will solely use recyclable bags.
  2. To the largest degree possible we recycle received packaging for new orders.
  3. We primarily use our own read through newspapers to wrap our products for protection at delivery.
  4. When we buy new boxes and packaging we make sure it is eco-labelled - as a minimum FSC-certified.
  5. Since 1st of January 2019 we have compensated for the carbon emitted by all domestic deliveries.
  6. Since 1st of January 2018 we have been paying to make the use of our domain pegani.dk carbon-neutral.
  7. We have phased out disposable tableware – for everyday use as well as for events.
  8. We sort our waste (but can be much better)
  9. We hope to create a ripple effect and ask curious and interested to our partners CSR-policy and climate initiatives.
  10. We have chosen our position and think that helium balloons are never to be released in the nature. In addition to this we educate our customers in best practices and climate friendly use of balloons and helium.
  11. We apply only paper with recognised ecolabels: Svanemærket, FSC or PEFC certified paper.
  12. By 1st of August 2019 we have rescheduled our billing procedures, which yearly saves 20.000 sheets of paper.
  13. We have signed up to shift from gas to district heating as soon as it will be constructed in our area.
  14. When we have to flight we always do climate-compensate for its carbon emission.
  15. In the spring 2019 we put window film on our skylights and have since dropped the use of air condition significant.
  16. We have now changed one of two cars to electric, and are looking for a more climate friendly alternative to the other one, too.
  17. We plan to put solar cells on the roof beginning of 2021.

Corporate social responsibility

  1. We wish to contribute to the community by paying our part of correct tax, vat and fees.
  2. We want to lift our social responsibility and be an open minded workplace based on humane values.




  1. We are members of Red Cross’ Business Club.
  2. We are proud sponsors for Danish Hospital Clowns and we cooperate with KidsAid Denmark.
  3. Every year we donate in charity to Save the Children and Danish Refugee Council.
  4. We are open minded and always in favor of sponsoring initiatives whose aim is social and humanitarian.
  5. We think the greatest of all magic is love and compassion and it is a tradition that Steen Pegani gives a show in charity at the local initiative “Stafet for Livet”.


And when we really want to top it...

… we serve fair trade coffee and clean tap water instead of water on bottles. And you shall always feel welcome to share a cup :-)