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We are the Danish distributor of "The Very Best Balloons" from Pioneer Balloon Company with the brands Qualatex and Northstar. They got a great range of balloons within latex, foil and bubbles, that can be combined in so many ways. Qualatex balloons are the prefered choice among decorators and professionals, as they are solid and easy to work with. All Qualatex latex balloons are made of 100% natural latex, they are biodegradable as well as environmental friendly.

We also distribute balloons accessories from Conwin and Premium Balloon Accessories - and offer everything both retail and wholesale.

We also offer helium to competitive prices - both in disposable cylinders and in the larger cylinders for rent. 

We do regularly arrange events and courses within balloon twisting and decoration and can help, if you should be interested in taking the CBA-education (Certified Balloon Artist).

Use helium balloons with care for the environment! Always make sure to have a weight on the foil balloons and never release them in the open. If you want to send balloons into the air, we recommend limiting the number and always using our biodegradable latex balloons and without attached string.