From the fertile mind of Jerry Andrus and Danny Korem comes this new classic in magic, that will help you finish your Ambitious Card Routine with a very surprising ending!

A signed card is placed in the center of a deck. With a snap of the fingers, the card appears magically on top of the deck! This is done without any cuts or shuffles. It just “magically” appears!

The effect is repeated two more times, then the deck is placed in the spectator’s hands.

The signed card is placed in a pocket. Another snap of the fingers and the signed card appears back on top of the deck! Explain that it really should be easy to see through this trick because the deck is not a deck at all, but a block of plastic! As they are holding the deck, it changes to a SOLID BLOCK OF CLEAR PLASTIC!

A real block buster ending!

Omni Deck is really easy to do. It requires virtually no sleight of hand; you will learn the routine in 10 minutes! No reset; it’s always ready to do. Comes with full instructions, routines, and the special precision-made clear plastic deck.

This is the original and the absolutely best version of The Omni Deck. It is hand crafted by Lori & Shawn Farquhar from Palmer Magic in Canada. Beware of imitations using the name with poor cutting techniques, no milled edges, incorrect sizes and cheap material. The only authorized variation is the variation Ultimate Invisible Deck by Shawn Farquhar.

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Using this unique block and Shawn’s deck switch technique you will be able to present an incredible ambitious card routine that ends with the deck of cards magically turning into a block of plastic.
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Need a refill for your Sherpa Pen? Then add this pen to your order. Some magicians like to use a blue or green pen on playing cards, as the handwriting will be very visible even on a Spades or Clubs card.
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You lean a block of wood against a bottle and tell everyone to focus on it. Suddenly the block starts leaning and then falls to the table! This is the very best version, carefully produced by Palmer Magic.
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You and a spectator stand back to back while they freely select any page from a book. Then with absolutely no effort you are able to recite word for word any sentences, paragraphs or even a whole page that is selected.
SHEER LUCK - Shawn Farquhar 4444
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Created especially for Slydini, father of modern, close-up magic. Custom made from the finest imported Italian parachute nylon. Contains two special silks for use in the Slydini Knots Routine, where even the tightest knots dissolve.
SLYDINI SILKS - white silks alone 2820refill
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This is an effect that made Michael famous! He’s done it everywhere and whole-heartedly endorses it for it’s high impact and lasting value. This specially formulated wax is for use with the routine Card on the Ceiling.
MAGIC WAX - Michael Ammar 243
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