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Michael Mosher from Wack-o-Magic in the USA has made a small series of these very fine drinking glasses without a bottom.

The glasses can be used for many different things within magic, but they are produced specifically for Dai Vernon's "Peripatetic Walnuts". A beautiful routine that has been under treatment by many others over time, including as "Completely Nuts" by Brian O'Neill, "Nut Waltz" by Mariano Goñi, "Nutty Surprise" by Pete Biro & Dean Dill and not least as "The Walnuts Trick" in the hands of Harry Riser.

In fact, our own Danish Rune Klan has also played with the concept. If you are a fan, you might remember the routine from his show "Barnløs"?

For several years we have been selling the super realiscitc rubber walnuts that are part of the secret. Here you have the opportunity to get another important element: the bottomless glass in the perfect shape and size.

There are no routines included. You only get the solid and safely packed glass. But you will find several examples both on video and in the magic literature. Look up
 "The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser" or "The Vernon Chronicles vol. 2".

The photo shows the glass + four walnuts. Three of them are regular walnuts and one is made of rubber... Can you spot which one?

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