DEADMAN'S HAND - Matthew Wright & Mark Bennett
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Med "Deadman's Hand" får du både mulighed for at fortælle en historie fra Det Vilde Vesten og præsentere stærkt trylleri. F.eks. øjeblikket hvor tilskuerens valgte kort pludselig er indgraveret på den gamle mønt, hun har holdt i hånden. Vælg imellem standard versionen eller luksuspakken.

Mere information

  • The Dead Mans Hand is a legendary piece of folklore that immediately strikes a chord with people. Billy 'The Kid' is a name synonymous with the Wild West and probably the most famous name from that era. Combine the two together and you have the recipe for great story telling...and more importantly... great magic!

    The Dead Mans Hand by Mark Bennett and Matthew Wright is a masterpiece in both magic and storytelling. The props are a thing of beauty and the routine backing up the magic is enticing, fascinating and entertaining.

    The Dead Mans Hand comes in two different sets.

    The regular set comes with a small drawstring US Marshal bag. Inside the bag is the Billy "The Kid" bounty coin plus THREE different reveal coins allowing you to perform the effect multiple times with a different result each time. You also get full access to the complete Dead Mans Hand Tutorial which includes multiple routines from both Mark Bennett and Matthew Wright where you learn more about the history of the story of the Dead Mans Hand and the life of Billy "the Kid" which you can use to weave your own magical Wild West yarn.

    Included in the tutorial are routines suited to all skill levels from someone starting their first day as a fledgling magician through to more advanced routines for the well initiated. There are effects included for magicians, gamblers and mentalists plus Matthews full 12-minute routine encompassing everything taught in the tutorial.

    The limited "Special Edition" set come with everything you get in the regular set PLUS much more: The incredible "Dead Mans Deck" which has been painstakingly designed and aged to replicate an authentic Deadwood Saloon deck. The type of deck that may have been used by Wild Bill Hickok in the Deadwood saloon on the night he was shot holding what would from that moment be referred to as "The Dead Mans Hand".

    You also receive an aged photograph showing Wild Bill sitting next to Billy "the Kid" playing cards. Wild Bill is seen holding the Dead Mans Hand. An aged wanted poster for Billy "the Kid". The poster has been specially designed and gaffed to be able to "subliminally influence" your spectator to choose any one of the three gaffed reveal coins. A larger US Marshal drawstring bag which can be used to fit all the props inside + access to "The Ninja Stack" download which can be used in conjunction with the "Dead Mans Deck" to create some wonderfully baffling gambling routines which help add to the overall effect before getting to the main trick. These never before published gambling routines really help take the effect into the next level and make it much more of a performance presentation piece.

    Both sets of Dead Mans Hand offer incredible value for money. They are quality props at an affordable price and with a limited number available are set to become collector's pieces very quickly.