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Phill Smith er tilbage med et nyt fantastisk spil kort med hans specielle optiske mærkning - og meget mere! Kortene er bl.a. "one-way" både på forsiden (!) og bagsiden og når de ligger i mnemonica-stack, afslører mærkningen også kortet før og efter. Dette og meget mere, men kun for de øjne der ved besked.

Mere information

  • We are happy to introduce our customers to the new Elysian Duets from Phill Smith Creative. The first deck in the new Elysian range and the latest development of the unique Optical Marking System, with a whole suite of updates underpinned by the same goal: to build the ultimate deck of playing cards for performing powerful engaging magic.

    Features of the Elysian Duets:
    - Four corner marking with our legendary Optical Marking System
    - Elegant refined aesthetic
    - Marked with stack position for the Mnemonica stack
    - Marked with cards above and below in Mnemonica stack
    - New one way back
    - One way faces
    - Detailed instruction card
    - Joker reveal card
    - Double backer included
    - Link to full online instructions and tricks


    “When a magician takes the stage, a captivating duet unfolds between the performer and the spectator, harmonising their roles to craft a symphony of wonder where the impossible becomes tangible. Together, their energy intertwines, orchestrating a magical dance that transcends reality and leaves both mesmerised by the beauty of the impossible made real.” - Peter Curzel / Corzelli the Magnificent