AMULET OF AMPHERES - Scryer, St.Clair & Webster
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Denne særlige amulet er for dig, der holder af magien i grænselandet imellem hypnose, mentalisme, historiefortælling, spådomskunst og magick. Amuletten er fyldt med symboler, kan bruges som pendul og kommer med 36 sider med præsentationsidéer og rutiner af trioen: Neal Scryer, Scott St.Clair and Richard Webster.

Mere information

  • Through our friends at Stevens Magic we are vexcited to provide this Neal Scryer product exclusively. This project is a collaborative effort from three noted minds in mentalism – Neal Scryer, Scott St.Clair and Richard Webster. The result is this stunning amulet that will empower you with the ability to perform a myriad of readings and astonishments. While the design alone of the amulet is captivating enough to result in a purchase we assure you that there is plenty “under the hood” (as they say in the high-performance automotive world).

    With your purchase of The Amulet of Ampheres 1 – you receive a 36-page PDF., that has the keys to unlock the mysteries of the Amulet of Ampheres 1. Starting off with the explanation of the basics of the Amulet detailing the Egyptian side and the Atlantean side.

    After the basic explanation you are benefited with an in-depth explanations of the Icon meanings, such as the Ankh, the Cat, the Ibis (Bird), the Sun/Moon, the Pharaoh, the Eye of Horus, the God Anibus, the Horned Vipers, Twisted Flax, the Sarcophagus, the Sphinx, and of course – Isis.

    Then the Icon meanings of the Atlantean side including the Octopus, the Vase, the Shell, the Star(fish), the Trident and the “Eye” Icon.

    The instructional is brilliantly detailed and professionally presented exactly as one would expect from Professor St.Clair.  It goes further to explain the meaning of each Icon and then provides pure gold in the form of providing easily identifiable key word for each respective Icon.  For those lucky enough to own this item you will immediately recognize the time vested by this trio had to span several months in order to provide this content. Proving the deep level of thought process that was vested into this exceptionally unique product.

    In addition to using the icon’s for readings this Amulet was designed from the start to also be able to function as a pendulum.  The weight and size of the Amulet was factored in very early and it swings beautifully and comes with a supplied cord for you to use.

    The Amulet of Hypnosis is also another addition in the 36 page instructional that recognizes the desire to perform hypnosis, with it however, you do NOT need to be able to hypnotize anyone to use this Amulet. It details the power of pseudo hypnotic methods which can be employed to achieve something that appears to be exactly the real thing.  Also included is a creative adaptation of the “which hand” effect titled The Mystic Hand.

    In addition to the ideas and teachings from the trio (Scryer, St.Clair and Webster), and in typical fashion for most Scryer products they have included ideas, thoughts and routines from other esteemed  in the world of mentalism, reading and bizarre magick.  William Barclay, and Tony Cameron provide their insights as well.

    The informational PDF contains several illustrations and images making it a hearty value in totality with the truly amazing design of the Amulet.
    The size of the coin is 2″ (50 mm.) diameter and it weight 1.3 ounces (36 grams).

    Each Amulet of Ampheres 1 comes in a heavy duty bag, with the measured cord if the owner desires to also use it as a pendulum or if adequate sizing wear it around their neck. Inside of the packaging is both a QR code as well as a tinyurl where one can access the exceptionally well written informational and teaching content.

    Truly something special and unquestionably quality as you will agree when it lands into your hands.