SCRYER'S GREY BOOK - Neal Scryer & Richard Webster
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Hvis du har studeret "cold reading" og mentalisme i nogle år, ved du hvilken status Neal Scryer har inden for branchen. Dette er den nyeste og længe ventede bog. Den indeholder hele 43 effekter for mentalister og tankelæsere.

Mere information

  • Many of you are well familiar with the book that ignited the world of mentalism and readers with a passion that burned brighter than most works of that time. It created a buzz, a more modern term might be “it went viral” – but that wouldn’t be accurate nor good for the art. As this information should be guarded as much as possible. Yet made available via limited distribution.

    It was titled the Neal Scyer’s "The Black Book". The original Black Book was a softback pamphlet. And it remained that way for some time but there was a demand, a mystic undertone among working performers hungry for the content. Later Scryer released the White Book and eventually both the Black and White were conjoined into on book. For those that work in polarities – it was conceptually a fitting beginning and end. But they forgot about what lies between Black and White – Grey.

    That stated routines and contributions from both back in the day as well as recent have been added to Scryers "The Grey Book". Included within these pages are: Several variations of Q&A’s, such as Jack In The Box, Aura Cleaning, Scryer’s Doll, Creepy, Cellphone Outdone Q&A and Beautiful Q&A. Then we have Rainbow Rose, Crystals, December 6th, Scryer’s Key To Happiness, I’ve Got Your Number, Imagine and Scryer’s Little Box.

    Followed by: Neal’s Law, Crystal Vowels, Contact Implant, Third Eye Energy Test, Releasing Ritual, Rings on Fingers, Symbols, The False Shuffle Tarot, Scryer’s Magical Pendulum, Scryer’s Almost-Tossed-Out-Deck, Scryer’s Cut-Price Book Test. And more, such as: Promo On Your Seat, Faces In Your Head, PK Spider Plus, Men Only PK Touch, Which Hand? Food Lover’s Which Hand, The Holy Man, Beautiful Dreams and Phobia Cure.

    You want more? You got it with: Hoy, Hoy, Hoy, Psychological Influence, Pendulum Gift, Lucky Coin, Four Coins, Your Weekly Number, Rose Numerology, The Seven Keys of Scryer, Tarot Photos, Scryer’s Party Closer!

    Finally – a great value added – Psychometry From A-To-Z Keywords.

    Hardbound, 72 pages.