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Dette er ikke bare et trick. Det er Luke Jermays professionelle tankelæsningsakt, udført med blot 22 Tarotkort i hånden. Du får det hele - inkl. Jermays fulde manuskript både på tekst og som lydfil. En stærk og underholdende demonstration.

Mere information

  • Tarot Psychometry is a professional stand-up performance piece using nothing more than the 22 Major Arcana cards from the Tarot honed over several years of performances in theatres and cabaret settings.

    Five audience members select a card from the Major Arcana that connects with them and the performer is impossibly able to match the correct cards to the correct spectators, culminating in a demonstration of direct mind reading. Along the way the performer reveals personal information and delivers short but entertaining readings.

    The routine provides the contemporary mind reader with a demonstration that allows connection, impact and mystery with the simplest of props that fit in one pocket.

    The act is constructed theatrically to produce a mini stand-alone show with a beginning, middle and end.

    No instant stooging, preshow work or complex techniques are required to perform Tarot Psychometry, and the manuscript features both basic handlings and advanced versions of the routine.

    Taught in detail and including Jermay's full personal performance script, the 7,532 word professionally typeset and edited soft-back book not only to detail a professional performance piece but also to introduce never before published concepts including 'The Dunninger Jermay Ploy,' 'Asymmetrical Shuffle Theory' and more. There is also a series of performance theories and philosophies that underpin the routine. These concepts can be applied to a wide array of routines outside of Tarot Psychometry itself. As an added bonus, this manuscript also comes with an accompanying 40-minute instructional audio to ensure no detail is left to the imagination. Tarot Cards are not included, but you can get these from Pegani along with the this booklet.

    Full performance rights, in all settings including television and all video mediums are granted with purchase. 

    "Jermay never fails to impress and his latest offering 'Tarot Psychometry' is a veritable masterclass in routine construction. This book may be small, but it contains some huge secrets!" - Mchael Murray

    "Jermay's Tarot Psychometry is more than just a really good trick. It's a full routine, that could become a complete act, that could become an entire career. In other words, it's a really good trick. But Luke includes details and touches, and provides insight and options, such that this set adds up to a priceless learning opportunity. Plus, you'll get a really good trick." - Max Maven

    "I love the simplicity of both the effect and method. It is a playground for any mind reader or tarot reader." - Lu Chen

    "With Tarot Psychometry, Luke has once again created a masterpiece. In construction, execution and premise. This book is filled to the brim with knowledge, details and professional-grade secrets that I am surprised he is sharing. Tarot Psychometry is as good as you'd expect it to be, and then more...even more and then it goes even further than that." - Chris Rawlins