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DUPLICATE the EXACT colored drawing your audience member has created, plus SO much more! Read minds with a press of a button.

Pens can be placed in ANY cup, a pocket... or even a clear glass table! No holder needed.
100% accuracy with NO false signals.
Incredible range and versatility. Go way beyond the traditional “Color Match” effect.

"This is simply the best version available...with so many improvements but beyond the obvious, this is an incredibly versatile tool that simply has to be seen & experimented with to fully understand the possibilities. Yes, it's a fantastic routine with pens, but step outside the box and set your mind free, and it will be in overdrive with ideas." - Marc Spelmann


If someone picks up a pen, then quickly changes their mind, the receiver will let you know of the change! The "original" pen they picked up will remain "Active" so if picked up again you will be alerted! However, once a pen has been used by the audience member it will NOT accidently trigger again!

Extremely strong signal distance! Anverdi Color Match uses the New Multi-Directional "Alien" technology so you can perform with 100% confidence! Duel-Functioning, Multi-Directional Technology allows you to access these safety features in ALL performance settings. (Plus the low battery alert will let you know if a particular pen needs a new battery.)

Anverdi Color Match pens can now be placed in ANY cup, glass or pen holder! You can even have your audience members place the pens in their shirt or pants pocket...or simply lay them flat on a CLEAR glass table. can place the secret in OTHER ORGANIC objects! Paint brushes, food...the possibilities are endless. Perfect for ALL performance settings.

Includes 2.5 hours (12 routines + BONUS ideas) of in-depth online instructions, which barely scratches the surface of what you can do with it! Here are a few examples:

While your back is turned, the spectator freely selects any color marker and places them in different places on their body. Little do they know, every action they make has been meticulously influenced by you.

A which hand effect where you’ll read your spectators' minds 3 times in a row and finish off with a prediction to prove all their thoughts were predetermined.

Engage multiple spectators in a mind-blowing and fooling CAAN that you’ll instantly add to your close-up or even your stage act.

5 spectators mix and freely select a cup with a secret hidden inside. They also mix, shuffle, cut, and select a face-up card all by themselves. Finally, the entire deck is revealed to be made up of different colored back designs. And, the spectator’s chosen card PERFECTLY MATCHES the color of the hidden object in their previously freely chosen cup.

...Plus 8 other incredible routines and BONUS ideas! Including ideas and routines from Titanas, Craig Petty, Luca Volpe, Menny Lindenfeld, and Marc Spelmann (X).

- 6 Pens (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, & *Black)
- Built-in Safety Ink Barrier (Prevents Ink from getting into the e-Pod system!)
- Removable e-Pods (For easy battery change --as well as BONUS effects)
- Special Locking Key-Cap For Easy Access To e-Pods
- Easy-Lock ON/OFF
- Smart Sensitivity Settings
- Instant Reset Setting
- Visual, Tactile, or Combined Cue Settings
- Ankle/Wrist Band options
- Super Long Distance Signal
- Multi-Preference Receiver

*Black pen does not contain Gimmick.

Available in EU right here at Pegani in Denmark.

"The Anverdi Color Match is an amazing utility device with literally hundreds of uses. I very rarely add anything new to my repertoire but this ticks all of the technological and handling boxes in order for me to put it directly to use in my new socially distanced theatre show. Highly recommended!" - Keith Barry

"The technology of Anverdi's COLOR MATCH is so advanced and brilliant, you will use it for much more than "just" an amazing COLOR MATCH routine. I love that you can remove the smart-chip pods and use them for endless creative (unrelated) effects. ANVERDI'S COLOR MATCH IS BEYOND AMAZING!" - Menny Lindenfeld

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