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“The ballpoint writer is brilliant, a modern touch in the mentalist toolbox with more extras than you would ever expect.” Kenton Knepper

The Cbring thumb writer is a hand-crafted quality item from Sweden. It is made out of steel that not only guarantees a long life of the writer, but it also makes the writer magnetic. The lead has a forward pointing angle which makes it possible to write longer words and names. This design allows writing with both the thumb extended (as with a thumb tip writer) or in an angle (as with a Swami). The bands on the writer are adjustable and together with the curved shaped writer you will get a 100% secured writer on your thumb – perfect for accurate writing.

The ballpoint writer makes it easier to write curved letters because of the ball. It rolls over the surface with minimal friction. It also writes a distinct and sharp line, making it more visible on any paper. If you want to fill in information on a letter, using a window envelope or similar, a ballpoint would be the best and most organic looking option. Black and blue refills are included and at Pegani we even add an additional pack of 5 “Ballpoint Refills”. If you are crafty, It is also possible to reuse and refill an old ballpoint tip.

The gimmick is magnetic and comes with a hold-out. It also works perfect with the magnetic clipboard which you get along with the Cbring Thumb Writer Set. Make sure to watch the enclosed video instructions before you get started.

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