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- With 9 special props inside and over 20 effects taught
- Over 9 hours of video tutorials by #1 mentalist, Peter Turner.
- Includes the legendary rise gimmick for the cleanest ACAAN + Pete's no-touch 'lift' routine finally revealed.

Command Attention with these REAL mind reading techniques that ANYONE can do... The contents inside this kit will silence the skeptics.

With this kit, you'll be armed with the most powerful mind-reading skills on the planet... There is no fairy dust and we aren't pretending to sell 'real' magic - but the secret methods we'll give you, formerly reserved for elite entertainers, will defy science and reason for everyone you perform it on.

Although this is #2, you don't need to have How to Read Minds 1 to get the benefit of the How to Read Minds 2 kit (although we obviously recommend owning both).


- Have them hold a prediction and think of anything in the world - and it will match your prediction 100% of the time.
- Know the exact song they're thinking of. No matter how obscure.
- Win any game of heads up, charades or 20 questions - without them ever saying a word.
- Play Russian roulette with real money. You'll play with literal fire and your money never gets burned.
- Appear to see through their eyes and tell them which color cards they're holding, one by one - from outside the room.
- Reveal which hand an invisible coin is hidden in, multiple times in a row. Then tell them the exact coin they imagined and the date engraved on it.
- Instantly remember and recall a shuffled deck of cards - with a new, kicker ending.
- Hypnotize anyone and make them forget a card they're holding. No real hypnosis needed. (self-working) - Have their chosen card be at their chosen number, without ever touching the deck. Now you can replicate the legendary Berglas effect. The device does it for you.
- Play a game of 'yes/no'  and influence their choices every single time.
- Predict the insect they think of and watch them erupt as it appears on their hand.
- Gift a stranger your mind-reading capabilities with zero pre-show. Make them the hero! 
…& much more!

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