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"These cards handle very well indeed, almost like a regular deck. If you need see-through cards or alternative to the omni deck you really need to consider these!" - David Penn


This is the first of its kind and nothing like you've ever seen before. We bring to you an astounding and ground-breaking deck of playing cards: the AQUA deck.

The AQUA Playing Cards is really the closest thing to an invisible deck of cards which you can still physically hold.

The AQUA deck is made using a very smart arrangement of state of the art printing and production machinery which together, can produce amazing results. They used premium transparent plastic card stock with high-gloss transparent print with pinpoint accuracy, to certain areas of the playing cards to produce a sleek raised gloss embossed effect. The cards are then completed with a finishing that enables the cards to glide seamlessly for fans and springs and perform as you'd expect a high quality deck of playing cards to perform. Cutting the cards is no problem either as we use our MPC state of the art cutter to ensure the edges are angled for cutting into. The thickness of the deck is pretty much like a standard deck of cards.

The finishing used on this deck is unique. Most plastic playing cannot perform like a normal deck of cards in that they stick together in clumps. Not the Aqua deck as it was designed for performing with so you can make beautiful fans easily.

As the deck of cards is completely transparent what could be better than a matching transparent plastic tuck box? A frosted transparent plastic box material and applied different densities of high gloss printing to it. The result is stunning. There is no other word for it.

What can you do with AQUA?
The Aqua deck is a very versatile deck of cards which was conceptualized a few years back. Aesthetically, it is absolutely stunning and mesmerizing so it's first off a collectors deck and it's going to amaze anyone who sets their eyes on them. It can definitely be played or used to do magic with. It is the perfect alternative to the traditional "Omni Deck".

The Aqua deck is made from premium quality transparent plastic card material with flexible high gloss printing, so it can bent and be fanned and it is - of course - completely waterproof.

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