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The ultimate tool to perform the PK Touches routine. Cobra's Mentalism Chair looks like an innocent IKEA piece of household furniture – therefore it doesn't create any suspicion. From a distance, you can make your volunteer feel and react to strange touches, even though you are nowhere near him.

Pretend to synchronize 2 volunteers, erase their memories, control your volunteer by touching your mobile screen or a large scale projected image and even make your volunteer immediately jump up from the chair.

You touch a different spectator (or a projected video or a photo in your mobile phone), and the volunteer in the chair will feel the touches.

- Bluetooth connection - control it with your phone!
- Secretly controlled by a highly reliable remote control
- The effect can be repeated as many times as it fits your routine
- Control distance up to 100 meters!
- Operate from our new mobile app Android/IOS (which can be operated by an assistant)
- Light weight – and both regular and double-folding version is available

- The Mentalism Chair (the original made by Cobra Magic)
- Custom made carrying case
- 3 Remote controls (one of which is for extra long-distance - up to 100 meters/300 feet)
- 1 magnetic/wireless charger
- A power bank of 4000mAh to charge everything on the fly
- Blindfold
- A case for the remote controls
- Online video instructions
- Remote Control mobile app (Android and IOS)
- 3 extra batteries for the remote controls

- A metal frame with a plastic seat and back support
- Rechargeable 3.7-volt LIPO batteries. Use any micro USB charger
- Touch mechanism and shocker will last for about 10 performances on a single charge
- Includes 2 remote controls (four channels) + a custom carrying case
- Chair weight 5 kg

You can choose between the regular chair or the double-folding version, that packs down to nearly half the size for easy transport. At Pegani we usually also stock the 100% match additional identical chair, if you should prefer this. Ask Steen about it. But if you go with an ordinary IKEA chair, it really looks almost the same. 

Safety Warnings: Volunteer weight limit for chair is 90 kilos!

Pris inkl. moms i DKK
1 STK 19.800,00 / STK
1 STK 22.800,00 / STK
1 STK 19.800,00 / STK
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