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Siden 1987
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Considered the equivalent in Seances work to what the 13 Steps is to Mentalism is for Mentalist. It’s got it at all – Séance work, Occult, Spells, Reading and everything in between. In additional to 12 Masterpieces from Scryer this tome also contains 30 respected colleagues who are offering their best. Neal in fact has digested some of these contributors works and truly is mesmerized by the power of their routines and thought processes.

Also, from the Master himself – Richard Webster – who has penned 7 contributions towards this mammoth project that will surely be revered as one of the most powerful sources of underground material ever produced.  Richard himself a recipient of practically every award of recognition from his peers over his illustrious career and is arguably the most published individual in the world of Magick and Mentalism.

This book is chock full with of 300 pages of solid content featuring over 30 contributors like Neil Tobi, Michael Weber, Loyd Auerbach, Doug Dyment, Larry Baukin, Lary Kuehn, Jim Magus, DiMon, Scott St. Clair, Tony Lacovello, William Barclay, Jon Stetson, Dr. Jeremy Weiss, Anthony Wolff, Steve Drury, Helmuth Grunwald, Ava Spellman, Alexander Nelson,  Mark Stevens - and more!

This will be book you will read your entire life…. You will go back to it many times. Simply put this book is one of the powerful and comprehensive books produced. Mandatory inclusion in any magicians or mentalist library.

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