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Siden 1987
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"For twenty years, Akira has studied the classic pass. The results of his investigations are available on the new DVD, The Expert at the Classic Pass. As the title suggests, Akira is, indeed, an expert at this move. The good news for purchasers is that he clearly and concisely covers all the details that go into a deceptive pass. He also explains the evolution of his handling of the pass, including an excellent method for the cover pass (this by itself would be worth the price of the DVD). His final method for the classic pass is a thing of beauty; it is a sleight that can be performed at a natural, unhurried pace, and which merely appears to be a squaring up of the deck." - Michael Close

"I have known Mr. Akira Fujii in about 30 years. Everytime I see him he fools me. His variations on the pass are so fine and when you see him do it -- you want to do it too. Now after 20 years this is possible. Thank you for bringing this information out to us all." - Joachim Solberg

"I cannot comment because I have never seen Akira's Pass!" - David Williamson

"Akira's thinking on the pass makes him one of the modern masters of this move. It is very deceptive and well worth your study. He teaches you step by step the details to take your pass to the next level!" - Bill Malone

"Although there are countless sources to learn the pass, Akira's pass is definitely one of the softest and smoothest I've ever seen. In this DVD, you will be delighted to learn his new takes and approach that will escalate your classic pass." - Patrick Kun

"Akira Fujii's handling of the Pass is a thing of beauty. He's one of the best in the world." - Richard Kaufman

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