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Siden 1987
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David Regal står bag disse to kæmpestore flotte bøger som du vil elske at læse og vise trickene fra. I Magic Magazine skrev Michael Close bl.a. "The important point is that a viable presentation exists for each of these routines, leading me to believe that these routines have actually been performed for real people - og til sidst i anmeldelsen ...both the professional and the hobbyist will find much of value in these books. They have my highest recommendation".

Dette er vol. 2. En flot bog på 239 sider, hvor du bl.a. kan glæde dig til følgende:

A spectator freely deals down to a "Lucky Card" . . . that happens to match the card in the magician's wallet. 

The deck is tossed onto a small but lethal mousetrap which snaps shut-trapping the selection as cards scatter. 

A late psychic's scrap of paper predicts the actions of a spectator. 

A freely-selected card rises from a deck, using a gimmick you can make in one minute. 

Spectators randomly deal the deck into piles, perfectly separating the four suits in the process. Fifty-one cards are eliminated in the fairest possible manner from an examined deck, leaving a single card that matches a prediction. Mr. Regal's favorite platform item. 

A signed playing card changes places with a pocketed Joker-with clean hands and no palming. 

A signed card rises to the top of a deck that is tied with string. The deck can then be used for further miracles. 

A borrowed bill cleanly changes into a hundred dollar bill, via a new method that doesn't utilize a thumb tip. 

A story of life "after hours" is told with a deck of cards. A showpiece guaranteed to garner applause. 

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