• Deep Transposition - Two cards change places during a discussion about sleight of hand vs magic. The construction of this effect makes the transposition very magical and a total surprise.
  • Blue Moon Triumph - Simply the most impossible Triumph routine. The spectator shuffles the deck face-up into face-down, they think of a card, the deck is placed into the box and they put the boxed deck into their pocket. Not only do you tell them what card they are thinking of, but when they remove the cards the only card facing the opposite way is their selection! This routine is a reputation maker.
  • Octopus - The spectator genuinely thinks of any playing card they wish, yet the performer is able to cleanly and directly produce their card-an ultra-streamlined handling of Out Of Sight Out Of Mind.


  • Advanced Loewy Palm - A supremely practical and clean palm from the top of the deck into the left hand.
  • Shuffle Pass- A devilishly simple pass disguised as an innocent shuffle.
  • Touch, Think - A clever and subtle way of creating and controlling a mentally selected playing card.


  • Now Shuffle The Deck - A discussion about the deceptiveness of card control and the fundamental importance of shuffling after a selection is returned to the deck.
  • The Art of Practice - Exploring advanced ways to practice; this chapter concerns better proprioception, posture and coordination through practical and functional balance drills.
  • Influence and Deception - The Third in a series of essays dealing with the nature of deception and its relationship to magic, this essay is about anomaly detection and counter-deception. This 'type' of information and research has previously only been available within UK military/government groups.

The Shift is specifically designed to assist you as you learn, to be read on-the-go but also look great on your bookshelf. It is a high-quality, full color, hard-backed publication-with every element produced in collaboration with industry experts.

The layout, colors, typeface and photographs are more than just stylistic choices; everything has been intentionally designed with the reader's learning and enjoyment in mind. The Shift dives beneath the surface of magic and gives you answers to problems you didn't know you had. Ben's intention for The Shift was not only to give readers powerful, practical magic, but to create a resource which stimulates new conversations and attitudes towards the art and craft of magic. 

This is not your average magic book, it goes much deeper.

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Ben Earl introduces a completely new approach to coin magic. For the first time on video, learn five brand new coin tricks with normal pocket change. The routines rely on the use of clever psychological ploys instead of difficult sleight of hand.
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