THE COFFEE VASE - Morrissey Magic
Varenummer: PU407
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Flot udgave af "Hot Coffee Vase" produceret af Morrissey Magic Ltd. i Canada. Der medfølger den originale instruktioner fra Bruce Posgate og Morrissey og også Supremes instruktion til "The Canadia Coffee Vase" fra 1979. Står som ny.

Mere information

  • This classic piece of equipment was extremely popular with conjurors in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.

    The standard effect that proved so popular with maigicians is as follows: Performer displays a highly polished vase, high. The vase is filled to overflowing with cotton, the cotton is set ablaze. A cover is placed over the vase, when the cover is removed HOT COFFEE is then poured from the vase. You now play the gracious host and offer a cup of coffee to member of the audience

    In place of hot coffee you can produce, soft drinks for the children or a couple of mugs of foaming beer The apparatus is not limited to liquids-you may produce candies, silks, etc. LIQUID CAPACITY of COFFEE VASE — 16 ounces.

    Manufactured in aluminum when vase is assembled it stands 25 cm. high, diameter is 10 cm.

    Comes with original instructions from both Morrissey and Supreme Magic.

    Very fine condition. Never used.