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Da Alex Pandrea producerede de nye NOC3000X2-kort, fik han kørt en lille særlig lyserød serie på blot 3000 spil. Hvert enkelt spil er nummereret og nogle af dem er havnet i Horsens, så du kan få et helt særligt spil i samlingen.

Mere information

  • BEGRÆNSET SERIE FOR SAMLERE! Hvert spil er individuelt nummereret fra nummer 1-3000.
    Klik på videoen og se både disse og de lilla NOC 3000X2 kortspil i hænderne på Alex Pandrea selv.

    Herunder den officielle engelske præsentationstekst:

    In the year 3000, artificial intelligence takes over the human race. A rogue rebellion warrior escapes from A.I enslavement and travels to a run down time traveling facility in hopes of saving the species. The NOC Corporation, a self built A.I. establishment controlled everything until our protagonist successfully sent back the NOC3000X1 deck back in time to the year 2020 with the simple message - keep the magic alive!

    The plan worked - humans not only received the message of the threat but discovered advanced technologies within the fibers of the playing cards sent back in time - technologies that would ultimately lead to the now thriving world - the (new) year 3020, safe from threats of A.I. The playing cards were reborn into what we now know them as - NOC30000X2.

    The more we depend on technology, the less magical the world seems until one day all the magic will be gone. The deck is now in your hands. #NOC3000X2

    Printed to perfection by The United States Playing Cards Company
    - Gaff Cards included (double backer + blank face)
    - THIN CRUSHED premium stock
    - Marked for clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds.