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Alex Pandreas NOC-spil har i over 10 år været nogle af vores bedst populære kortspil. Nu er PRO-versionen her i fire flotte farver og produceret på USPCC's "Premium Bee Paper". Og... (trods det helt enkle bagsidedesign) så er kortene mærkede!

Mere information

  • For more than 10 years the NOC brand has been the top custom deck choice for magicians, cardists and card collectors all around the world. Millions of decks sold over in over 100 unique variations. We are now proud to present the highest achievement in professional worker decks - The NOC Pros!

    Alex Pandrea has upgraded everything about the NOC decks to create what he believes to be the perfect deck of cards. NOC Pros will come in 4 stunning color variations. Burgundy Red, Navy Blue, Jet Black and Greystone. These colors convey an upscale professional vibe that is ideal for magic performances and magicians of all kinds. The famous minimal back design has been upgraded with an added inner border that brings an elegant vibe to an already simplistic deck. The tuck case has been FULLY REDESIGNED and printed on color-infused embossed linen and vellum papers with a matte finish. A DUPLICATE Queen of Hearts comes with each deck of NOC Pros.

    THIS DECK IS FULLY MARKED FOR SUIT AND VALUE - Since 2012, the NOC Original back design has been secretly marked for suit. Today we are excited to present to you a FULLY MARKED system (for both suit and value) on the minimal back design. Yep! Click and watch how at this YouTube instruction.

    This deck is printed in the U.S.A by The United States Playing Card Company using PREMIUM Bee Paper and THIN CRUSHEDED (tm) to perfection.