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Der er noget vildt eksklusivt over den røde "signature edition" af Shin Lims Regalia spillekort. Fra dobbeltæsken med verdensmesterens signatur i rød folietryk til selve kortene, produceret til perfektion ved Cartamundi i Belgien.

Mere information

  • Regalia is a symbol of excellence, prestige, and innovation. The moment your audience gazes at each individual gold-foiled Regalia Red playing card, they'll know they're about to witness something spectacular.

    Everything about Shin Lim's Regalia Red Playing Cards (Signature Edition) is special.

    Each Regalia Red playing card is crafted with the finest crushed linen paper found in Belgium. The gold foil red backs were developed and produced in-house to the most exacting standards by Cartamundi.

    The feel of these cards are smooth, buttery magnificence.

    The box (as with the white Regalia Playing Cards) is a revolutionary two-layer case. Designed with red foil embossed accents and a beautiful red ribbon pull tab, the box has both a luxurious appeal as well as double-layer protection for the cards.

    This box is in perfect harmony to the prestigious cards and SIGNED in foil on the back by the AGT 2x winner himself, Shin Lim.

    "And while this is absolutely not how I speak in real life, I just wanted to write something fancy for the ad copy. This is seriously an amazing deck of cards. They feel great in the hands and yes, they Faro shuffle perfectly. I present to you Regalia Red Playing Cards (Signature Edition), printed by Cartamundi, designed by Nick Vlow, and produced by yours truly." - Shin Lim

    - N9 True Linen finish by Cartamundi
    - Gold cold foil backs
    - Revolutionary 2 layer case
    - Blank face gaff card
    - Duplicate Queen of Spades
    - 2 custom Jokers
    - Custom Ace of Spades