JUST FOR FUN - Christopher T. Magician
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Fantastisk inspirerende bog om optræden for et børne- og familiepublikum. Nye, friske og moderne rutiner og masser af gode tips. 300 sider der er rigt illustreret. Anbefales varmt.

Mere information

  • “Even if you’re not a “kid show magician” there’s enough great, creative, original stuff in Chris’ new book to make you happy. And if you ARE a magician who specializes in children’s shows, then you’re gonna be REALLY happy. It’s obvious from reading this book that these are bits and routines he’s done hundreds of times.” - Mac King

    Denne bog "JUST FOR FUN" er sprængfyldt med inspiration, viden og uvurderligt materiale for dig, der underholder et børne- og familiepublikum. Mange af rutinerne kommer fra klassisk close-up og stand-up trylleri for voksne, men materialet er gjort moderne og bearbejdet, så det også spiller for børn – ja, faktisk for alle aldre på én gang.

    JUST FOR FUN er en flot bog på 300 sider og indeholder 40 super underholdende rutiner med rekvisitter, som du enten allerede ejer, selv kan lave eller købe billigt. Desuden får du masse af gode råd og tips undervejs. Det her er forfriskende godt nyt til branchen.

    Her får du en oversigt over hvad de enkelte kapitler inderholder:

    • OPEN SAYS ME – Five great routines, any of which could open your show. One of them doesn’t even use props! Others use a growing name tag, jumbo cards with eyeballs printed on them, silks, wands, eggs and money.
    • STUNG! – Seven highly interactive routines with "sucker moments” use strips of paper, plastic mirrors, pictures of monkeys, mustard and ketchup bottles, jump rope, and the Rabbit/Duck illusion (with a hilarious, surprising finale) to thoroughly entertain.
    • GOT YOUR  BACK – Chris’ approach to making props vanish, only to be found stuck to your back, is detailed in five tricks using traditional and original props including a tiny Teddy Bear, Cooties, and a box of Oreo cookies.
    • ACCESSORIES MAKE THE OUTFIT: Chris has eight great ideas to help you get the laughs with slap bracelets, wooden spoons, a plunger, and boomerangs. At AmazeKids, our favorite is how he makes a Breakaway Microphone with stuff you probably have at home.
    • HELP! I NEED SOMEBODY – Chris spells out his philosophy on how to use onstage helpers. Then you'll be introduced to six audience participation routines that use kids along with crazy props like plastic ice cubes, gum, cheese, a money printer (used in a totally original way), a lollipop, fake mustaches and a Pringles Can (without a spring snake!)
    • QUIET, NOT RIOT – This is Chris’ collection of four routines that keeps kids quiet and engaged with his scripted story and presentation. You’ll find minimal audience participation here, but beautiful performance pieces with a magical rose, slices of cheese, a shiny toy trophy, and a volcano.
    • HELP! I NEED MULTIPLE BODIES – This chapter features seven tricks that use more than one helper. A two-headed stuffed animal, a feather duster, a boxing nun puppet, a set of chattering teeth and a fake ice cream cone are just some of the props that you’ll be reading about in these routines that play big. 
    • NOT-SO-TRICKY MAGIC – These seven routines use props to create moments that aren’t magical, but still get a huge amount of oohs and aahs from children. Learn what Chris does with a pair of cheap gloves, a whoopee cushion, a robotic goldfish, an ice cream carton and a table lamp that is anything but ordinary!

    “After devouring his new book, JUST FOR FUN, it's quite evident that Christopher Barnes is a real-world worker in the kid-show arena. He has taken numerous plots, routines and ideas from his predecessors (Frances Marshall, David Ginn, Edwin Hooper, Sammy Smith, Mike Bent, Silly Billy and others), and given these routines and props a major, and much needed, modern makeover. I've already found two routines that will fit my own shows. He teaches you how to build the necessary props, without the need for a master workshop. If you do kid shows (...and we KNOW that you DO!), GET THIS BOOK! I guarantee it will become an often referred-to selection, in your own working library.” - David Oliver

    “It has become cliché to say that one good idea is worth the price of a book, but if that's true then JUST FOR FUN is worth many times its cost! I found myself shaking my head and laughing out loud at the inventiveness and originality of some of the quirky plots presented here. […] I consider it a tremendously valuable addition to my magical library and I would unreservedly recommend it to anyone involved in or interested in entertaining children.” - John "Kimmo" Kimmons

    “Wow! What a book! Chris continues to outdo himself. It's chock-full of great, real-world routines that happen to be amazing, entertaining sure-fire hits! I can't recommend this enough, it needs to be in every kids entertainer's library.” - Mike Bent