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Special made coin with an old English Penny on one side and an American Half Dollar on the other. Endless routines possible with this classic gimmick in coin magic. Produced by Tango Magic.

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  • The magician shows two coins, a HALF dollar and a ENGLISH PENNY coin. He places both coins under a handkerchief, he then takes the HALF DOLLAR coin and places it on the handkerchief, raises the handkerchief slightly the handkerchief to show the ENGLISH PENNY coin., but incredibly now there is a HALF DOLLAR coin and the ENGLISH PENNY coin coin on the handkerchief. This is just one out of the many, many different routines you can make with this gimmicked coins which is a classic in the magic history. 

    In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin produced by Tango Magic.

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