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Black neoprene mat for your close up magic. This is a good large version - size 40 x 50 cm.. Soft touch on the top and non-slip rubber on the base - and best of all: it does not wrinkle!

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  • We found these great close-up mats produced by Undermagic® in Spain. This large size (40 x 50 cm.) is ideal as your "close-up scene" for routines using cups and balls, coins and cards.
    The material is "Neoprene", commonly used for wetsuits. It is the ideal material to use:
    The base is non-slip rubber with tremendous power, the surface is made of synthetic nylon fabric. Soft touch and extremely flexibility, and best of all: it does not wrinkle! You can fold it, crumple, crush ... and it always is perfect and ready for use when needed. 

    It may occasionally happen that a large and continuous pressure, causing some surface marks visible. To correct this, you just have to extend it on the table and within hours the table will have completely regenerated!

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