Itemnumber: spidertable10040
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Ingenious and sophisticated design from Germany. The table is 91 cm. high and the plate is 40 x 40 cm.. Takes only a few seconds to set up. Total weight only 2,4 kilo.

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  • The original Spidertable from Germany. Lightweight and super easy to assemble.

    Only two parts - the folding frame and the acylic transparent tabletop - connect quick and easy to a sturdy and modernistic looking table.

    All tables are fitted with newly designed rubber feet. They increase the stability of your Spidertable and protect the floor surfaces underneath.

    Details of this model:
    Length of aluminum folding frame: 100 cm.
    Acrylic tabletop with rubber corks
    Size of tabletop: 40 x 40cm
    Actual height of table (top connected to frame) 95 cm.
    Total weight: 2,4 kg.

    Comes with 2 years of warranty. 

    We also offer high quality zipper bags for tableframes and tops. Don't forget to order them together with your table!

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