SPONGE-BALLS 60 mm. 4 pcs.
Itemnumber: 350F
DKK 60.00 / pcs
DKK 48.00 ex. VAT
The best quality super soft sponge balls from Magic by Gosh. Box with four pieces size 2,5". Produced by Steve Goshman. In stock in both red, black and yellow.

More information

  • The world's best, super soft sponge balls from Magic by Gosh in the USA. Carefully produced by Albert Goshman's son, Steve Goshman.

    Package with 4 pcs. small (super soft) sponge balls that are 60 mm. in diameter -or 2.5 inches, as they call it in the US.

    You can choose between the colors: red, black and yellow.

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