SVENPAD® FOLIO (Moleskine Private Edition)
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This is a real Italian designed Moleskine® ruled 9 x 14cm pocket notebook, recognized & loved worldwide by students, artists, and great thinkers - but with a secret, that makes it possible for you to force anything. Now offered exclusively by Pegani.

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  • Since Brett Barry released his very first Svenpads (and in many ways changed things within mentalism), we have had the pleasure of offering a wide range of his fine forcing pads. We now added this one: the finest Svenpad ever produced.

    By exclusive arrangement with Brett Barry we are proud to offer this truly exquisite SvenPad® Folio Moleskine.  The iconic Italian designed Moleskine® pad everyone knows,  with a powerful secret. For many years have remained "the secret product" and only offered by Brett himself. This is for those that seek the very best.

    Each one of these 100% genuine handcrafted Moleskines notebooks takes three full days and 5 hours to complete. There is nothing more perfect or innocent.

    Behold your daily "dream journal" that you scribble out each morning at sunrise, filled with your creativity. This is your pad of new ideas; this is the repository where you jot down creative inspirations & affirmations. The possibilities are endless. SvenPad® Folio Moleskine is a game changer. This is not just a killer prop, but destined to be a treasured keepsake.

    This little pocket miracle is a genuine 192 page  BLANK Moleskine Notebook  that has been taken apart - every  single page taken out, pages expertly cut to 1/45" long & short tolerances, and carefully re-  assembled again with a new durable glued binding.  Even the cool Moleskine® inner pocket at the back inner soft cover remains, perhaps for a "prediction" of influence?

    What do Ernest Hemingway, Henri Matisse, Lady Gaga, Oscar Wilde, Vincent van Gogh, and Angelina Jolie all have in common? Moleskine. This is the professional choice.

    Pop the classy soft covered 9 x 14 cm. fine notebook into your breast pocket or purse; behold 192 acid free lined pages ready for your imagination. Leave some pages blanks, and take it wherever you go.

    Force anything with ease and total under the radar invisibility. The long & short pages are completely undetectable, especially with the rounded corners.

    No one will ever suspect this pad's secrets. Each one is hand-checked, then tucked into a display box with velvet storage bag & gel pen.

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