SVENPAD® TRIPLE BANKS - Brett Barry - 1 pcs.
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The SvenPad® Triple Banks represent the cleanest and easiest method EVER for your favorite Confabulation plot! Force multiple things on anyone with ease!

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  • This is the ultimate PACKS LIGHT, hits BIG utility device. Pop one in your pocket and you have 10 minutes of mind blowing material for your show. As used by full time pros including Justin Willman for all his current stage shows!

    Your audience will experience 3 or more ultra undetectable forces – with your imagination being the only limitation. This pad includes 120 total pages, allowing 40 pages for each force bank section. 

    Show a sealed enveloped prediction that has been hanging in full sight in front of EVERYONE, right from the beginning.
    Bring 3 random people to your stage and ask one woman choose a dream destination, a gentleman to choose a favorite celebrity, and a 3rd person chooses a food.
    OPEN your sealed prediction... and EVERYTHING matches!

    With the SvenPad® Triple Banks no assistants are needed. No expensive or heavy extra props to carry. NO fancy electronics necessary.

    Force MULTIPLE things on ANYONE with ease! Concentrate on your presentation, not your props! Your perfect FORCE has never been SIMPLER, MORE DECEPTIVE or more hands-free!

    SVENPAD® TRIPLE BANKS are Precision crafted with genuine “Astrobrights” neon colored paper.

    Product dimensions: 12,5 x 9 cm..

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