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This is The Ultimate Card Holder, created by Tim Star of Sweden. It will literally shoot the cards from the holder and into your hand in a split of a second. As used by Johan Ståhl in his beautiful card manipulation act.

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  • “Like all things Tim Star builds, this is a piece of art! Everything is thought of. Not only how to amaze your audience but also how to rehearse, how to change things and how to store it between shows. The card holder is wonderful to work with. It is like a small secret assistant that gently hands you cards. WOW!!!” - Johan Ståhl


    The Star Holder is designed, created and made by Tim Star. It is the perfect holder for the card worker. Used by Johan Ståhl in his appearance in Sweden Got Talent 2021, ending up with the "golden buzzer". If you haven't seen the act yet, click at the youtube-video and enjoy.

    There are so many possibilities with this holder. If you do card manipulations or just want to steal a pack of card, this holder is for you!

    The Star Holder is created in such way, that you do not have to grab and pull the cards from the holder, the holder will actually give you the cards. It will literally shoot the card from the holder into your hand in a split of a second.

    The cards are 100% secure in the holder and takes only a second to load. It can be attached anywhere on your body and in any angle you want, even upside down.

    The Star Holder holds a large stack of cards. Depending on which brand of cards you are using, it will hold approximately 25 Poker or Bridge Size and over 30 manipulation cards.

    You do not have to load the holder full with cards. Works perfectly if you just need to steal a few cards that could for example, be added to a shuffled deck.

    The Star Holder is available in two different sizes, Poker Size and Bridge Size. It comes with everything you need to immediately attach it in place and begin to work with it. You will also receive a link to the film instruction with clear instructions by Tim Star and usefull tips by Johan Ståhl.

    Beside Tim Star himself, we are proud to be the exclusive supplier of this new ultimate card holder.


    "This little device is very well thought, absolutely a must in every card magician's suitcase! Thanks Tim Star." - Norbert Ferré

    “Imagine if I have had a Star Holder when I started. Congratulation Tim Star, you have made job much easier for all the card workers with your STAR HOLDER.” – Love Melander

    “The fact that either the fingers or the hand barely moves to steal the cards, it allows us to have this gimmick invisibly at the front part of the body, since it's possible to get the cards in a natural way with no suspect moves. It's a very functional, safe and high quality product.This is the best card holder I had the chance to hold.” - David Sousa

    “A great tool that will make your load easier.” - Nestor Hato