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DKK 135.00 / pcs
DKK 108.00 ex. VAT
Our Flash String is perfect for vanishing, producing or transforming objects with a flash! You receive 10 meters of the best quality we have found. Choose between white, red and black flash string.

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  • Flash String is essential for many different effects and purposes within magic. It is meant for professionals and has to be used very carefully. 

    You receive 10 meters of the best kind of Flash String we have found. For security reasons we store and ship it a little bit wet, and it has to be completely dry before it works. So cut of the lengh that you need, let it dry completely and store the rest wet in the bag.

    Choose between white string, red string and black string. It burns in the same way, the colour is the only difference.

    For use by professionals at their own risk. Buyer must be 18+ 

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