Itemnumber: pogo
DKK 595.00 / pcs
DKK 476.00 ex. VAT
Pogo sticks available in four different different weight-categories. Cartridge construction, maintenance-free. Comes fully assembled, ready to use.

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  • Quality Pogo Stick to a fair price. Produced by QU-AX in Germany. Cartridge construction, maintenance-free. Available in four different sizes from 15-80 kg.

    Green Pogo-Stick: 15-20 kgs
    Red Pogo-Stick: up to 30 kgs
    Blue Pogo-Stick: up to 50 kgs
    Black Pogo-Stick: up to 80 kgs

    • closed, cartridge-bumper-system with 2 springs and elastomere-damping
    • solid steel casting with welded grips and footrests
    • changeable, slip-free bumper made of highly elastic rubber
    • constantly lubed, sealed
    • fully assembled, ready to use
    Attention: whilst using Pogo-Sticks, it is important to use the right weight-class. By using a Pogo-Stick of the wrong weight-class, it is no fun for lighter children. When children use a Pogo-Stick made for a weight class under their body-weight, this will reduce their lifetime. Always wear a safety helmet when using the Pogo-Stick!

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