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Stilts is an old investment, yet they are reproduced in modern design. Locked on legs and feet… suddenly you are much taller. An amazing experience for children as well as grown-ups.

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  • Most children play the challenge – keep the balance. Some enjoys jumping from stone to stone, while others can’t resist walking on the edge of the sandpit. With stilts balance and motor skills are achieved in i funny and playful way.

    Stilts are an old investment. Today they are reconsiled in a modern design, the ACTOY stilt is taut to legs and feet. They are flexible and hard-wearing and the height can be adjusted by changing the lowest leg-part.

    With ACTOY’s stilts on your legs the play is set for real fun as well as a little bit of danger. It takes great balance, motor skills and courage and the senses are sharpened correspondingly, to the benefit of both self-esteem and body consciousness.

    The ACTOY stilt is a fun challenge and learning to master them, is like learning to ride a bike, must happen with an adult around.

    It does not take too long time to learn. Some will feel confidential with them after just ten minutes while others may spend a some more time.

    Is it dangerous? Of course, danger corresponds to how high one is lifted in the air, but that is exactly why the stilts are delivered with a standard height of 35 centimeters.

    If you have any doubts whether these stilts match your size, please check the measurement diagram here.

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