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In fact, stilts are a very old invention. But now they are reproduced in a modern design. They are taut on legs and feet. Thus, suddenly you are taller than before. An amazing and delightful experience.

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  • Most children play the challenge – keep the balance. Some jump from stone to stone while others can’t resist balancing on the edge of the sandpit. With stilts you will improve balance technique as well as motor skills and at the same time have great fun.

    The stilt is an old investment indeed. Today it is reproduced in modern design so that the ACTOY stilt is taut on legs and feet. They are flexible as well as hard-wearing and the height can be adjusted by shifting the lower leg-part.

    With these stilts the play really gets exciting and just a little unnerving. It takes courage, balance and great motor co-ordination. The senses are sharpened correspondingly to certain benefit for self-esteem and muscular development.

    The ACTOY stilt is a fun challenge and learning to handle them is like learning to ride a bicycle, must happen with an adult by your side.

    The good news is that it does not take long boring time to learn. Some will learn it after just ten minutes of practice and for some it will take a bit longer.  

    Is it dangerous? Danger corresponds with the height one is lifted to and for that reason the stilts are delivered with a standard height of just 35 centimeters.

    The yellow stilts are for children and youngsters in the age 8-13. If you have any enquiries of which size is proper, elaborate information can be found here.

    Please notice:
    If you find any ACTOY stilts cheaper than this prize, by all probability it will be a surplus stock from a batch produced in Vietnam, and they can not match the quality of those you can buy here.

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