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DKK 265.00 / pcs
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Giant latex balloon with a perimeter up to 650 cm.! Can be used as a "Climb in Balloon" which you might have seen artists perform. Many colours to choose from.

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  • Giant latex balloon with a perimeter up to 6.5 meters. Large enough for you to perform the artist number where you pull it over your head and crawl right into it (climb-in balloon)! But also great as a spectacular decoration.

    Can be inflated with compresses, the Conwin Airforce 4 balloon inflator or perhaps a vacuum cleaner that you set to blow instead of suck. Diameter approx. 210 cm. Volume approx. 5500 liters.

    Available in the colors: white, yellow, red, blue, green, orange and black. Select freely in the menu.

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