CANON - David Regal
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A powerful, easy-to-use tool from David Regal that enables you to predict or produce any card nearly anywhere. You will love the secret. Canon” comes ready to use with a the special cards, an envelope and clear videoinstructions.

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  • “Canon” is everything you’d want in a card magic effect. It’s direct, powerful, versatile, and easy. The devious method will have you smiling from ear to ear.

    Any card is named. You then draw attention to an envelope or box on the table that’s been in plain view the whole time. It’s opened up to reveal the named card inside!

    This specially gimmicked deck of cards allows you to produce any named card from an envelope or card box in plain view. There is no equivoque, forcing, or fishy procedures. It really is that clean.

    You’ll learn two amazing routines, including a sleight-free, no-palm effect where a named card is produced from an envelope that’s been in view the whole time. If you’re comfortable with palming, there’s also a killer routine where a card that was named and found in a red deck appears inside the box for a blue deck.

    The true value of “Canon” though is its versatility. Our minds started racing with possibilities as soon as we saw it, and yours will too.

    “Canon” comes ready to use out of the box with a red deck, blue deck, or basically any deck of cards you want. You also get the perfect envelope so you can get started right away with the core routine.


    “If you want to absolutely astound someone—this will do it!" - John Bannon

    “'Canon' by David Regal fooled me so badly I thought I was being pranked. So clever and incredibly devious. You will love this!" - Seth Kramer

    “How fair can a card prediction be? Nothing’s more powerful than this 'Canon'. KaBoom! Regal wins. Game over." - Raj Madhok