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This is for use at Christmas time. It works exactly as Routine 1, but this time the cards depict things that the dog might like to see on Christmas Day: a cracker, a Christmas Tree, a plum pudding, Christmas bells…

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  • Christmas theme. The routine is built up by Gerry Luff from England and refined by i.a. Jeremy Le Poidevin from Practical Magic.

    You show your clothes dog (not included - see below) and say that you would like to surprise it with a Christmas present. You show the children the possibilities (in the form of plastic-laminated giant cards): a Christmas bell, a Christmas tree, a Christmas cake, a "moped" or a meat bone. You think the dog is sleeping, but it eagerly helps the children make the right choice.

    Now follows a fun sequence where the dog with blindfolds (!) Must try to find the right gift. A child shuffles the five cards and hands them face up one at a time to the dog, who eventually manages to find exactly what he wants - the meat bone (of course)!

    Included in the price are the special cards, bound to put in front of the dog's eyes, an English manuscript filled with gags and spas you can make with the dog and the kids. The routine does not require you to be able to speak!

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