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Display a tall lit candle. By touching the flame, instantaneously, the Candle vanishes or changes into a silk. With the same gimmick, you can also make the candle appear behind a silk. Version 3 from JL Magic. Fine quality.

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  • When the celebrated magic inventor Fantasio (Ricardo Roucau) invented his candles back in the 1960s, he introduced an entirely new genre to stage magic. The story goes that he was inspired by a new material developed in the growing aerospace industry.

    When Pegani started as a magic dealer in the 1980s, Fantasio's candles were still among the most popular items on our shelves, but since Fantasio ceased production, we had to discontinue these candles from our inventory. Fortunately, JL Magic in South Korea has now resumed production, and they do an excellent job. The candles we can offer now are their latest "version 3," and they work just as well as the ones we once imported directly from Argentina.

    This "Vanishing Candle" can both be magically produced from behind a silk, lit, and made to disappear again. You can also place the candle in a stand on the table, light it, pick it up from the stand, and make it vanish.

    The possibilities are numerous. We have included a video clip where Fantasio himself, at a mature age, demonstrates the candle. If you need more inspiration, simply do a quick Google search for "Fantasio" and "Candles," and you might also come across Lance Burton's impressive Las Vegas act.

    We offer the JL candles in both red and white. They are filled with lamp oil or lighter fluid. Silk handkerchiefs measuring 45 x 45 cm work well with them. Extra wick is included, and a video demonstrates how to replace them if necessary (they last a long time).

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