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The finest "himber ring" you will ever find for your linking fingerring routine. Looks just like the real thing and works like a charm, with no hinge as other himber rings. The secret is cleverly hidden behind the stone.

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  • There is not much in magic that beats the strong moment where the magician link the audience's finger rings together. In order to be able to perform this classic effect, you need a so-called "Himber Ring", which is available on the market in several different variants.

    Since 2006, we have been the exclusive dealer of the fine rings, produced by the German goldsmith and magician Nils Bennett. As you will see at the photo, these rings look like ordinary rings without a pattern. That the secret is nevertheless well hidden testifies to the precision work and craftsmanship that lies behind it.

    The Bennett Himberring uses a different principle that makes a hinge unnecessary. Even at short distance the secret is nearly invisible.

    The rings are plated with real gold and real silver. Together with the ring, you receive an English instruction.

    We offer the exclusive Bennett Himberrings in four different variations - with or without stone - and in silver or gold. This is the wedding ring in silver with stone. The connection is completely invisible and it is easy to operate.

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