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A very fine set of coins from Tango Magic. A large one-dollar coin change place with a large Chinese coin with a hole in the middle - in several different ways. Can both be done selfworking easy - or with sleight of hand.

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  • The magician shows 2 large coins: a Chinese coin (with a hole in the center) and an American one dollar Eisenhower coin. He puts both coins inside of a white envelope, before he removes the Chinese coin and places it on top of the closed envelope. With a magic pass, they transpose - the Chinese coin is suddenly inside of the envelope and the dollar coin is outside the envelope! 

    In this package, you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic along with link for videoinstructions.

    Click at the youtube-link to watch Kim Andersen's presentation of this classic within coin magic.

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