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With Close-up Cardiographic, Martin Lewis has taken his classic Sketchpad Rising Card to the next level. The effect is the same, but built for close-up performances! Available in 3 different versions.

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  • Now you will be able to perform one of the greatest effects in magic – close-up!
    The inventor of The Sketchpad Card Rise – Martin Lewis – says: 

    "I have always wanted to present a close-up version of Cardiographic, but have been unable to create my dream pad until recent advances in material technology made it possible. My criteria was simple, I wanted a pad that would comfortably fit in my pocket. That could be done surrounded under the closest scrutiny. It had to be self-contained and needed a fast reset for strolling, and most important of all it had to look impossible."

    You know the effect: A drawing of a selected card rises from a drawing of a deck of cards. The resulting impossible object is handed out as a souvenir.

    • The brand new super-clean method is self-contained and angle-proof.
    • The audience sees you draw on the pad prior to the card rising.
    • Fast reset for restaurant or strolling.
    • Includes 50 giveaway pages.
    • Made in America and built to last.

    You can choose between three different versions: the black/white Three of Diamond, the black/red Seven of Diamond and the black/red Nine of Hearts.
    When you run out of pages, you can buy Cardiographic Refills right here.


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