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DKK 85.00 / pcs
DKK 68.00 ex. VAT
The Chinese rings for close-up magic. Four chrome metal rings are chained and unlinked right in front of the spectators' eyes. 4 pcs. of 11 cm. rings - available in standard and deluxe quality.

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  • The Chinese Linking Ring for close-up magic. Four 10-11 cm. solid chrome rings are melting through each other right in front of the spectator's eyes. 

    We got two difference versions of the close-up Linking Rings in stock:

    • The standard version with fine chrome (3 mm.) rings for a very competitive price.
    • The deluxe version produced by TCC, with a bit heavier 4 mm. rings, better design for the gimmick and with the rings delivered in a soft velvet string-bag.

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