EXTREME BURN 2.0 Locked & Loaded - Richard Sanders
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Finally back! Show 5 bills cleanly, one at a time, on both sides. Lay them FLAT OUT in your hand. With NO COVER whatsoever, THE BILLS JUST CHANGE! No Folding. No funny moves. The bills just CHANGE!

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  • We know that many of our customers have been waiting for Extreme Burn to come back in stock. Now it is here! The MOST VISUAL Bill Change system EVER... and now with the clever built-in LOCKING SYSTEM!

    - Change 1's to 100's!
    - Change paper to money!

    - Coupons to Cash!
    - The possibilities are endless!

    - Easy to do.
    - Immediately repeatable, NOTHING TO RESET.
    - No palming and nothing to get rid of.
    - You can pay for items after you change the money.

    Carry it in your pocket and you're always ready for a miracle!

    You will learn 10 unique, hyper-visual changes; giving you an army of devastating bill changes to do in literally any situation imaginable. PLUS: Hand out techniques, Auto Reset, Advanced changes, Pro tips, Psychology, AND MORE!

    Along with the video you also get the ULTRA THING Extreme Burn gimmick, with the new locking system.

    You now have the power to change money!

    "In a word: SENSATIONAL! This is destined to end up in your repertoire on a regular basis!" - David Oliver

    "I haven’t added anything that wasn’t “mine” to my close up magic in years. Extreme Burn is going to “live” in my pocket!"
    - Cody Fisher

    If you were a real magician, I doubt you could make it look any better. This is the trick that they will all talk about!” - Wayne Dobson

    "I don't add much to my repertoire. Extreme Burn will go in very soon. Amazing Stuff!" - Bob Kohler

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