MYSTERY LED - Carpenter Wong
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"Mystery LED" allows you to control the LED light, turning it on or off at will. It appears to be just a piece of glass with a movable switch and an LED, but the real magic is inside... The perfect wonder to amaze and mystify your friends.

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  • A magician's house should be filled with wonders. Vintage bells, decks of cards, intriguing puzzles, and impossible objects all have their place. And now, a new addition to your magical room: Mystery LED. It appears to be a piece of glass with a movable switch and an LED, but the real magic is inside.

    Mystery LED allows you to control the LED light, turning it on or off at will. The potential for presentation is boundless…

    Mysterious object: Present it as an enigmatic object where the switch and the LED appear to have no physical connection. As you flip the switch, you'll be able to control the light, while others try to do the same without success.

    Revelation of selections: Similar to the Spirit Bell effect, Mystery LED can be used to reveal selected cards or other selections. As you display the cards one at a time, the light magically illuminates the exact moment the selected card appears.

    Integration into various effects: Imagine incorporating Mystery LED into a comedy-style Lie Detector routine where the LED lights up whenever an audience member tells a lie.

    Mystery LED's design is elegantly simple, consisting of a piece of glass, a wooden base, a switch, and an LED. These components are easy to assemble and disassemble, and you can confidently hand them over for inspection. The audience can examine all visible components as there is nothing to hide.

    It is operated by remote control, allowing instant illumination at your desired moment. The remote control has a range of 5 to 10 meters. With a rechargeable battery, Mystery LED provides 10 hours of standby time when fully charged.

    Each set contains three LEDs in different colors.

    Simple and retro wood grain base design
    - Reliable remote triggering
    - Detachable main unit for convenient storage and portability

    Included in the set:
    - Specially designed electronic base
    - Three LEDs in different colors
    - USB Type-C charging cable
    - Ergonomic remote control
    - Glass cleaning cloth
    - Other accessories

    In 2014, Lubor Fiedler presented a similar apparatus in one of his YouTube videos. The method and workings behind it were never published. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Fiedler for his pioneering effect and his invaluable contributions to the world of magic. Mystery LED is a tribute to his brilliant mind and countless contributions.

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