OIL & WATER BOTH SIDES - Philippe Molina
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Check out Phillipe Molina's take on the "Oil & Water" effect, with easy-to-follow blue and yellow cards, printed on both sides. First the cards are mixed and magically seperate. Then they mix again. And for the grand finale THE CARDS TURN GREEN!

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  • The concept of "Oil and Water" is one of the most baffling effects in the art of magic. René Levand made his reputation just with this one effect alone which was titled, "It can't be done any slower."

    Now check out Phillipe Molina's details of this AMAZING effect:

    Four two-sided yellow cards and four two-sided blue cards are first freely shown (front and back - one at a time). They are then all sandwiched according to color in a stacked position, such that each card is separated by an indifferent colored card. But with a Snap - the cards are then dealt from the top and one-at-a-time (almost as if they had magnetic super-powers), all the like-colored cards have regrouped.  Just as they were originally shown with four yellow cards followed by four blue cards. 

    Then Philippe takes the now color grouped cards, (in this case all four blue cards) and drops them onto the top of the four yellow cards.  With a magical pass a miracle in reverse happens!  Now the different colored cards that were previously grouped together in "like color stacks," are now contrast colored and sandwiched perfectly in-between!

    Next comes an incredible grand finale where the magician shuffles the 8 cards and with a magical gesture - all the cards are transformed to the color GREEN!

    Green, yes! If this doesn't blow your audience's mind - nothing will!

    You simply MUST view the trailer to appreciate the power of this magnificent version of Oil and Water.

    - No Awkward Moves or Gestures
    - Multi-phases possible.
    - The Effect is Fluid and Natural.
    - Eye Popping Sequences and Segways

    Comes with both English and French explanations.  Several variations and different routines are taught in minute detail including the one practiced by Philippe Molina himself. Nothing is left out. All points covered, from the way to make the spectators examine the cards, possible variants, along with the subtle psychology that empowers you to obtain the maximum impact.

    Some basic slights required, which you might already know. "The Elmsley count", "The Break" and "The Biddle's move".

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