ON EDGE - Angelo Carbone
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It begins as a simple card castle, but ends with you effortlessly DEFYING GRAVITY! You will rewrite the laws of the universe with Angelo Carbone's "On Edge". Learn it immediately: Begin practicing right out of the box. Get it from Pegani while you can.

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  • The magician builds a house of cards in front of his spectators. Once completed, he begins removing cards from the bottom row. At the end, the entire house of cards is left resting on a single edge. This is held for a few impossible seconds before the magician knocks the tower over.

    • Visually impossible
    No skill required: "On Edge" is easier to build than an ordinary house of cards.
    • Any surface becomes your stage: Just use any non-slip surface, and you're ready to begin defying gravity.
    • Learn it immediately: Begin practicing right out of the box - no setup.
    • Incredibly inventive design: Suitable for right or left-handed use.
    • Perform fully surrounded: Mesmerize an audience from all angles.
    • Two different ending configurations
    • Multiple handlings taught

    Sometimes a trick comes along that defies description. Reading the short summary that I’ve provided above does nothing to prepare you for how impactful this effect is. I would advise you to watch the trailer and experience On Edge’s beauty for yourself.


    "Beautiful! The best balancing effect I've seen!" - Derren Brown

    "The method is so ingenious; it feels magical to me when I am actually doing it. So real and so clever! I genuinely love it!" - John Archer

    "Amazing and gorgeous! The best thing I have seen in a long time." - David Regal

    "My favorite visual in all of card magic!" - Justin Flom

    "Holy S%@T! I love this!!!!!!"
    - Chris Kenner

    "The first words that come to mind when we perform it is... It's beautiful!" - Les French Twins

    "Brilliant! The most logical structure to balance impossibly. As ever a beautiful mind Mr Carbone." - Marc Spelmann

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