OZONE - Hanson Chien
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Stop the Air in the Balloon. This effect is a bit like "Hydrostatic Glass" performed with a balloon. You can control the air to stay inside the balloon - or come out at your command. Clever system. Super easy to perform.

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  • A Real-life special effect where the air in the balloon is frozen by the magician. Perfect party trick for all ages. Balloons can be signed and handed out to spectators. A miracle that takes everyone’s breath away!

    In 2013, the world’s first balloon stay inflated magic effect was created. For the past 10 years, Hanson Chien only shared this secret on his lecture tour. Now this fine effect is finally available at Pegani in Denmark.

    - Perfect for Parties.
    - Use only one balloon
    - Performed surrounded
    - Pack small but play BIG
    - An impossible gift for the audience

    This product comes with everything you need, including a good load of red balloons to get you started and 20 minutes of online instructions (with English subtitles).

    If you fall in love with the effect, you can buy 100 pcs. bags of red 11" Qualatex balloons right here
     - or any colour you prefer :-)

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