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A great card routine which we promise you will love to show. It is entertaining and got a hard hitting triple-climax - and still it is extremely easy to learn.

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  • You show a special deck of cards, where the backs are different. You take out to cards and place them face-up at the table, stating, that these cards will be your prediction.

    You go through the cards in the pack dealing them to the table one by one, asking the spectator to say stop anywhere he likes. He got a completely free choice and exactly at the spot he choose, you place the first prediction card face-up between different backs. Then you complete the cut, and repeat exactly the same with the next prediction card. 

    You then spread the cards at the table, so everyone can see where the two prediction cards has been placed. You take out the two cards just next to these, and now you (and your audience) are in for a magic thrill...

    First you show, that the backs happen to be the same in one pair - as well as the other!
    Then you show, that the faces does also match in pairs!
    As the final surprise you turn the rest of the deck around and show, that every other card in the deck are all the same - and a completely different card!

    Ready to use cards along with instruction. Super easy to do.

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