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This is the best and cleanest Rising Card effect you will find on the market. Carefully developed and produced in Finland. Yes - it is a high price, but you surely get value for money here. Just click and have a look at the one-take demo-video.

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  • Over the years we have stocked many different versions of The Rising Card effect, but THIS ONE… we have it so clean and beautiful. Perhaps you should just go ahead and watch the video?

    The spectator selects a card, it is returned to the deck, which is shuffled before you put it into the card case. This you place on a table, in a glass or even under a glass dome. After a while, the selected card automatically rises from the deck! Then you take the chosen card out of the deck, and spread the rest of the cards on the table, first with the backs facing up, then face-up. Nothing special is seen. Only cards and your spectators - astonishedly speechless.

    Please notice:
    - You have complete control over the rising card.
    - Card Rise No. 9 can be operated at a distance up to 10 meter.
    - The remote control can also be used without hands.
    - The selected card can be marked if you want.
    - No threads at all.
    - The spectator himself can hold the pack when the card rises.
    - The deck weighs exactly the same as a regular deck of cards.
    - Made in Finland.

    Your Card Rise Package includes:
    - Special card deck
    - A spare pack from which cards can be used if necessary if the original is worn or soiled.
    - Remote control with batteries.
    - USB charging cable.
    - Instructions in English.