SHOCKING PASSCASE - Yuji Enei & Syouma
Itemnumber: 6209
DKK 235.00 / pcs
DKK 188.00 ex. VAT
2024 new item from Tenyo. Insert a sheet of folded white paper into the passcase pocket, snap the case with your fingers, and instantly transform the paper into genuine currency! Eye-popping magic with a natural, organic object.

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  • A white sheet of paper instantly transforms into real money! One playing card visibly changes into another card! A message appears on a blank page! Using the enclosed passcase, you will be able to instantly transform one item into another with the flick of a finger.

    Magic creator Yuji Enei developed the unique concept behind this trick, and illusionist Syouma applied the concept to a passcase. The result of their collaboration is this wonderful passcase that looks like a natural object, yet allows you to perform eye-popping magic.

    The uses for Tenyo's "Shocking Passcase" from their 2024 collection are plentiful. You can make a train ticket appear in the empty pocket, transform cash into a real credit card, or… whatever you can imagine!

    You might have seen this effect as "Flick! Wallet PLUS" in real leather, and for quite another price. Tenyo has bought the rights to produce this clever gimmick  and offer it for a very reasonable price.

    Comes with English instructions.

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